SōL Skin
Skin Studio in Lake City, Florida



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Sol Skin is an award-winning, Paramedical Skin Revision studio in the heart of Lake City, FL. We offer personal and truly caring services to loyal, as well as new clients, and take great pride in the progress of every person we treat.

Laurie & Hailey obtained their Facial Specialist licenses in 2013. Since then, they have gained invaluable experience in results-driven treatments, which has paved the path for their next step into skin health at SoL Skin. They have continued to further their knowledge and develop their skills; providing clients professional, yet personalized services. 

Laurie & Hailey are DMK Skin Revision Therapists and stand behind the concept of bringing the skin back to homeostasis and optimal health, prior to practicing skin revision. Their abilities and ambition for skincare results ensure their clients they are in the best of hands.